Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are at the core of all media and creative companies. At Jason Sanders Law, we understand how to protect your intellectual property and reduce the likelihood of running up against the rights of existing intellectual property owners.

We provide counseling on copyright, trademark, privacy, entertainment, Internet and other media-related intellectual property issues. Our attorneys, who have advised some of the largest corporations on these issues, offer an experienced level of counseling at a cost that makes it accessible to even the smallest of emerging entities.

Trademark and Trade Dress

Your branding and trademarks are how the world recognizes you. They are an essential part of telling your customers who you are and what services and products you provide. We have a long history of counseling on the selection and protection of trademarks.

For companies that are selecting trademarks, we can search for potentially conflicting marks already in the marketplace, and counsel on the legal aspects that might impact your ability to protect the mark. Once a mark is selected we can work with you to register it with the appropriate government authorities. We can also help enforce your trademark rights, or defend against infringement claims asserted against you.


Copyright protection is given to all types of fixed media, such as words, images and sound. We can advise you on the protection and registration of your copyrighted works. We have extensive experience protecting copyrighted works, asserting infringement claims as well as defending claims asserted against you.