Our Industries

We represent individuals and entities in a wide variety of industries including media, advertising, video games, e-commerce, software development, fashion, design, food and beverage, and many other industries.

Entertainment and Media


With years of experience gained working in-house at technology and media companies and serving as outside counsel to media and entertainment companies, we understand the landscape of entertainment and media creation and distribution in the digital age.

Our attorneys have significant experience in the entire lifecycle of digital media creation, distribution, licensing and transfer. We have counseled video game companies, interactive media developers, artists, designers, and a broad range of e-commerce companies.

We have particular experience in the video game industry. Having spent years working in-house at major video game companies and providing assistance as outside counsel, our attorneys have a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues concerning development, distribution, and other aspects of video game production. We draw upon this extensive experience to provide business-savvy counsel concerning the legal landscape of video games.

Internet, Mobile and E-commerce

We know that all creators and distributors of content and products, from individual artists to the largest corporations, need to leverage the power, scope and scale of the Internet in order to thrive. While there is tremendous opportunity to scale quickly, whether you’re using the web or a mobile app, it is essential that you build a solid foundation for your intellectual property, legal compliance, and data protection in order to avoid issues down the road.

We are steeped in the business and legal issues involved in building and maintaining an online enterprise, and can help you draft your terms of use, privacy policy and other legal documentation. We help you navigate the thorny data privacy, intellectual property, and other information-law issues that you might face in product development, or as your company and customer base grows.

Advertising, Branding and Marketing

We have significant experience in advertising, branding and marketing matters. We have advised advertising agencies, branding companies, and strategic advertising consultants on commercial matters, adversarial matters and intellectual property protection, acquisition and sale. We have also worked with commercial entities to engage advertising, marketing and production services.

We understand the issues that arise, including copyright, trademark, and right of publicity issues, as well as contractual matters. It it our goal to advise clients of options, opportunities and risks, and to allow them to make decisions based on a clear understanding of the legal landscape.

Art, Design, Fashion, Food and Beverage

We help artists, designers and other creators navigate the legal landscape. Whether you are forming an entity, hiring workers or licensing designs, we understand the issues you may face and can help you avoid pitfalls. From providing the basic documents and agreements necessary to form a business, to counseling on the protection and licensing of designs, we can help bring your creative vision to fruition.

We have provided advice on copyright protection, trademark protection, work-for-hire agreements, fair use, licensing, international expansion, and infringement and defamation issues. We have also helped our clients resolve disputes in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our goal is to allow you to focus on creating your work and growing your business, and not be distracted by legal issues.