Contract Negotiation and Drafting

We have years of experience negotiating agreements both inside companies and as outside counsel. Accordingly, we are aware of how difficult and distracting it can be for the business person to take a tough stance negotiating the deal with a partner, while still maintaining a healthy business relationship and implementing the agreement.

With our significant experience negotiating, structuring and drafting commercial agreements, we can quickly spot issues, prepare agreements and home in on the key aspects of deals. This allows you to avoid getting bogged down in drafting, to maintain a healthy partner relationship, and to close the deal that works for your business with minimal distraction.

We know that hiring attorneys to draft agreements can dramatically impact your bottom line, and we will work with you to create a pricing structure that makes sense.

We commonly draft commercial agreements such as:

  • Consulting agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Copyright and trademark licensing agreements
  • Software licensing agreements
  • IP transfer agreements
  • Work-for-hire agreements
  • Marketing agreements
  • Product sale agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Website terms and conditions