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  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property rights are at the core of all media and creative companies. At Jason Sanders Law, we understand how to protect your intellectual property and reduce the likelihood of running up against the rights of existing intellectual property owners.


    We provide counseling on copyright, trademark, privacy, entertainment, Internet and other media-related intellectual property issues. Our attorneys, who have advised some of the largest corporations on these issues, offer an experienced level of counseling at a cost that makes it accessible to even the smallest of emerging entities.


    Trademark and Trade Dress

    Your branding and trademarks are how the world recognizes you. They are an essential part of telling your customers who you are and what services and products you provide. We have a long history of counseling on the selection and protection of trademarks.


    For companies that are selecting trademarks, we can search for potentially conflicting marks already in the marketplace, and counsel on the legal aspects that might impact your ability to protect the mark. Once a mark is selected we can work with you to register it with the appropriate government authorities. We can also help enforce your trademark rights, or defend against infringement claims asserted against you.



    Copyright protection is given to all types of fixed media, such as words, images and sound. We can advise you on the protection and registration of your copyrighted works. We have extensive experience protecting copyrighted works, asserting infringement claims as well as defending claims asserted against you.

  • Corporate Formation and Growth

    Selecting the appropriate legal entity involves understanding how different structures can impact management, capital-raising and long-range exit strategies. We can help you establish a strong and flexible corporate infrastructure, and provide support as your company grows and achieves scale.

    At Jason Sanders Law, we advise entrepreneurs in various stages of the corporate life cycle, such as:

    • choosing a business structure
    • drafting foundational documents such as certificates of formation, operating agreements and bylaws
    • raising capital
    • mergers and acquisitions
    • founder exits

    We can also assist with the preparation of corporate policies and procedures to help you manage growth and avoid pitfalls in areas such as:

    • confidentiality of corporate information
    • use of computer systems, email, and other technology infrastructure
    • privacy of employee and customer information
    • use of social media platforms
  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting

    We have years of experience negotiating agreements both inside companies and as outside counsel. Accordingly, we are aware of how difficult and distracting it can be for the business person to take a tough stance negotiating the deal with a partner, while still maintaining a healthy business relationship and implementing the agreement.


    With our significant experience negotiating, structuring and drafting commercial agreements, we can quickly spot issues, prepare agreements and home in on the key aspects of deals. This allows you to avoid getting bogged down in drafting, to maintain a healthy partner relationship, and to close the deal that works for your business with minimal distraction.


    We know that hiring attorneys to draft agreements can dramatically impact your bottom line, and we will work with you to create a pricing structure that makes sense.

    We commonly draft commercial agreements such as:

    • Consulting agreements
    • Distribution agreements
    • Development agreements
    • Copyright and trademark licensing agreements
    • Software licensing agreements
    • IP transfer agreements
    • Work-for-hire agreements
    • Marketing agreements
    • Product sale agreements
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Employment agreements
    • Website terms and conditions
  • Outside General Counsel

    Many businesses, from startups to late-stage venture-backed companies, need assistance with day-to-day business matters including drafting, negotiation and interpretation of contracts, review and counsel on new product and feature development, employment issues, and commercial disputes. With years of experience addressing these issues as both outside counsel and working as in-house counsel, we provide not only high-quality legal advice, but also practical business solutions to daily problems at a fraction of the cost of permanent in-house attorneys or large law firms.

  • Dispute Resolution

    No matter how careful you are, if you remain in business long enough, you will eventually have a dispute. We are very experienced in assessing risks and resolving disputes. Based on our years of experience litigating disputes in state and federal courts, as well as arbitral forums, we know the landscape of adversarial matters and can help you understand risks and resolve disputes when they arise.

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